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Norpaco Gourmet Foods is a leading manufacturer of Italian style specialty food products such as stuffed cherry peppers also known as Pepper Shooters or Pepper Delights, stuffed olives also known as Olive Shooters, panini style meat and cheese rolls, sun dried tomatoes, antipasto salads and more. Our products are hand made culinary creations of distinctive flavor that are always produced under the highest standards of quality control.


At Norpaco, we believe that our competitive edge is tied to our most important asset, our Associates! It is this philosophy that has propelled and strengthened the core of our company for the last 77 years.

If you are interested in pursuing a new career at Norpaco, but you still have questions. That's OK! We have you covered.  This page will help you learn about our hiring process, how to apply, or to get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about working at Norpaco. Click the link below to submit interest in employment and someone in our Human Resources department will contact you.

Open Positions

At Norpaco Gourmet Foods Inc., we truly believe that our exceptional family environment clearly distinguishes us from other companies in the food-distribution business. People are the heart and soul of a business, and this is recognized and valued at Norpaco. People of integrity, character, positive attitude, and motivation bring value to a company. These are the qualities we are looking for in those joining Norpaco Gourmet Foods.

Food Support Stuffer

Take part in the handmade magic of our Pepper-Delights, Pepperfection, and Sweetie peppers. Our Stuffers do combination assembling of Norpaco products with various proteins and cheeses on sterile food grade surfaces. 

Production Support Staff 

Provides support to the Food Production Stuffing Department by preforming various tasks to ensure the continuous flow of materials to the stuffers and assisting in the weighing and disposition of the stuffer peppers and olives.

Warehouse Clerk

This position can expect to work closely with management, help develop and improve existing procedures and policies, prevent losses, and do some heavy lifting load/unload trucks, product identification, and maintaining storage facilities, etc. Their other responsibilities include ensuring the accuracy of inventory records, compiling balance, and doing weekly cycle counts of all products.

Maintenance - 2nd Shift

This position could expect to assist with various mechanical & electrical troubleshooting related to warehouse and food grade equipment. 


Packers work with different materials and equipment to package raw product into jars or pouches, and label product for distribution.

3rd Shift Sanitation

The sanitation crew is a vital part of Norpaco operations. They perform a full break down of equipment each night In full protective gear to conduct an in-depth cleaning & Sterilization restoring our production room to mint condition for the following days operation. 


Operating shifts 

1st Shift - 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM

2nd shift - 4:00 PM - 12:30 AM

3rd Shift - 10:45 PM - 7:00 AM


Norpaco Inc. is committed to the achievement of equality and opportunity for all of our employees and applicants. Norpaco Inc. complies with all state and federal laws governing non-discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status and any other protected class statuses.

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