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-   ABOUT US  -

Norpaco Gourmet Foods is a leading manufacturer of Italian style specialty food products such as stuffed cherry peppers also known as Pepper Shooters or Pepper Delights, stuffed olives also known as Olive Shooters, panini style meat and cheese rolls, sun dried tomatoes, antipasto salads and more. Our products are handmade culinary creations of distinctive flavor that are always produced under the highest standards of quality control.


Our Pepper Shooters are created from a combination of cherry peppers grown in warm climates, sharp provolone cheese and the finest age cured imported prosciutto. The flavor is enticing and savory. Our delectable stuffed Olive shooters marry olives with anchovy, blue cheese, feta cheese, garlic, gorgonzola cheese, provolone cheese, prosciutto, sun dried tomatoes, almonds or green pepper. The finished product offers great value and consistent quality for the food enthusiast.


Our Panini rolls blend the finest imported prosciutto, pepperoni, salami or sopressata with mozzarella to produce a burst of flavor for a special snack or appetizer. Our antipasto salads incorporate unique blends of fresh ingredients that harmonize to create a special lunch or to accompany your special dinner creation. Sun Dried Tomatoes are imported from regions of the Mediterranean where the tomato is exposed to the warm summer sun to lock in the richest savory taste and aroma.


Our Sweetypepp is a unique type of pepper that grows in the highlands of Peru. Its unique taste is both sweet and hot. We produce both stuffed and unstuffed product.

Go ahead and try our products. We know you will come back for more. Get a little taste of the Tuscan countryside for your next party or get together. Bon Appetite!

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